Asset Management

Farnsworth Group’s Asset Management strategies help take the guesswork out of facility and infrastructure management. Oftentimes facility owners do not know exactly what systems they have, cannot characterize asset condition to make sound decisions, and have no basis to assess current or future financial needs.

Through Farnsworth Group’s Asset Management approach, our clients can better manage both horizontal and vertical infrastructure to optimize life-cycle costs and facilitate asset preservation. Developing an Asset Management plan will help ensure long-term sustainability of assets, optimize system performance and lower ownership costs. Our established asset management program enables an organization to create a framework for improving their asset management practices at a pace that meets their needs.

Farnsworth Group’s proven process will develop an effective Asset Management system that provides an accurate inventory of assets and enables clients to reliably forecast asset conditions; develop maintenance, rehabilitation, and replacement plans; plan and budget for capital improvements; and generate critical reports. Take the guesswork out of facility management, and let Asset Management work for you.

For more information regarding Asset Management, please contact:

Dennis Yates, CFM, via email at

  • Asset Management plan development, implementation, and training

  • Asset inventory and mapping

  • Capacity, management, operations, and maintenance (CMOM) compliance

  • Capital improvement and renewal planning

  • Compliance and gap assessments

  • Condition assessment, valuation, and useful life determination

  • Construction management

  • Consulting and program management

  • Data collection

  • Draft ISO 55000 analysis and implementation

  • Financial analyses and reporting

  • Implementation and training

  • Linear segmented assets

  • Maintenance management planning

  • Performance modeling

  • Retrocommissioning

  • Software and management system implementation

  • Strategic planning

  • System design and development