Brian Myers, PLS :: Principal

Group Leader, Survey

Brian Myers has witnessed numerous changes in survey services, especially in the area of technology. One area Brian refuses to change, however, is his level of exceptional service to his clients. Farnsworth Group's tradition of client service originated with the founders of the Company more than a century ago, and Brian continues that tradition today. Brian leads survey crews across the nation, laying the crucial groundwork necessary that leads to successful projects. Whether it's a new wind farm, residential subdivision, roadway, pipeline, or commercial development, Brian delivers the quality survey work that has become the Company's trademark.

Brian enjoys community service and has worked on the Route 66 walking trail in the Towanda, IL, area. He has also been a member of Habitat for Humanity, building new homes in the community.

Why Farnsworth Group?

I have had the pleasure of working for some great supervisors who helped mentor me throughout my career. I enjoy teaching others and hope to pass along the many years of knowledge that has been passed down to me to the future generation of land surveyors.

What I like most about my job:

The variety of jobs and never quite knowing what you will be working on. Also, being able to learn something new or show an employee how to improve or try a new project is always satisfying.

If I weren't a Surveyor, I'd be:

A home builder. After building three of our homes, I still have an interest in the housing industry and always seem to find something around the house to update or change.

When not at work, you can find me:

Working on the yard or house, hiking or traveling.