Aaron Quick :: Principal

Vice President, Marketing/Business Development

Aaron Quick knows the ins and outs of government. Having served as Chief of Staff to a U.S. Congressman during the early 1990s, he got a first-hand look at all levels of government, from the local town councils and state agencies to the executive, legislative and judicial branch of the Federal Government. Aaron is able to apply that experience each and every day as he works with Farnsworth Group clients to get their projects moved from the idea stage to the drawing boards. Whether it's seeking funding sources, navigating through regulatory hurdles, or simply identifying practical solutions to difficult challenges, clients appreciate Aaron's common sense approach and ability to get projects off the ground.

Aaron is a firm believer in community involvement, and is currently serving as Chairman of the McLean County United Way Fundraising Committee; a member of the Central Illinois Regional Airport Board of Commissioners; Center for Emerging Entrepeneurs Board of Directors, McLean County; Illinois State University Department of Management & Quantitative Methods Advisory Committee; and the Peoria Bloomington/Normal Passenger Rail Advisory Committee.

Why Farnsworth Group?

My passion is government policy and operations at all levels. FGI and our clients give me the opportunity to work with local, state and federal governments on a daily basis to improve the lives of the citizens by finding creative ways to move projects forward and bring them to completion.

What I like most about my job:

Interaction with people from all walks of life everyday give me the energy and motivation to work tirelessly to find solutions to difficult problems. It is always a team effort and so rewarding when solutions can be applied to accomplish a goal or project for our clients.

If I weren't in business development, I'd be:

In Washington DC, working for the US Congress or another position on the Hill that helps formulate Transportation policy in the US.

When not at work, you can find me:

Spending time with my wife Barbara, running, traveling and reading.