Corporate Sustainability

By the very services we provide, Farnsworth Group has the ability to build a better world. We have the opportunity to improve our economy, bringing more prosperity to our families, friends, and neighbors. We have the chance to make our air a little cleaner, water more abundant, roads more efficient, buildings more prudently built, and communities more vibrant. Farnsworth Group greets these opportunities with determination and enthusiasm to make ours a better world.

We also recognize that the most effective sustainability is achieved through a holistic approach to business and by integrating our enterprise ambitions with our core values.

Farnsworth Group has made a corporate commitment toward a sustainable future. We have invested in training, education, and currently have more than 60 LEED Accredited Professionals covering every major discipline. We invite you to review our Company Sustainability Statement, which outlines our sustainability policy, mission, and vision which will be used to help guide us in doing our part for a sustainable future.

For more information regarding corporate sustainability, please contact:

Bob Polk, PE, LEED AP, via email

  • Ensuring Firm Prosperity

  • Being Stewards of Our Environment

  • Supporting the Well-Being of Our Communities