Illinois Department of Transportation

The EDP (TARP) program is designed to provide up to 50 percent state funding for eligible locally-owned roadways, and 100 percent state funding for roadway improvements on state-owned routes. The remaining 50 percent match will be provided by local government entities or private sources. However, IDOT can only enter into an agreement with a local body of government (i.e. township, city, village or county).

Although it is a requirement of the program for the sponsor to contribute local money to the project, as of January 1, 2012, IDOT will allow grants from other state agencies as an allowable funding source for the sponsor’s 50 percent match if the local agency has participated in the project in some fashion such as preliminary engineering, donation of land, etc).

The EDP is a program for reimbursement of a portion of eligible costs of an approved project and is not a grant program.  Costs beyond the $2 million project limit must be absorbed by the local community, company or developer.

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