LEED Commissioning

The commissioning process is a highly effective method of improving the performance of building systems and equipment. The U.S. Green Building Council recognized the effectiveness and benefits that commissioning would provide in green buildings, and included commissioning in the LEED certification system.

LEED certification not only includes building commissioning as a way to earn a credit, but requires it. Commissioning for LEED certification is divided into two levels: "Fundamental Building Systems Commissioning" and "Enhanced Commissioning." Fundamental Building Systems Commissioning is a prerequisite for LEED certification, while Enhanced Commissioning is one of the 69 optional credits that can be selected to help reach the 26 credit minimum needed to earn a LEED designation.

Farnsworth is one of the pioneers of the Commissioning process. Our members helped write the book on the various commissioning sections of the LEED rating systems including LEED-NC, -EB, -CS, - CI and the recent certification level - LEED for Homes.

For more information regarding Commissioning, please contact:

Tim Kiefer, PE, via email at tkiefer@f-w.com.