Railroad Engineering

Farnsworth Group's Railroad Services group provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to railway, track and structural needs. Our in-house staff has more than 20 years of combined Class 1 railroad experience in maintenance and construction. We know what will "really work" in a railroad environment and are driven to carry out pragmatic and cost-effective designs. "Safety by Design" is built into every project we do.

Our field personnel are 49CFR214 "On Track Safety" trained and ready to meet the rigid safety standards expected by the railway industry. Our wealth of experience in railway surveying and mapping, railway bridge design and inspection, track design and inspection, and license/contract management allows us to expedite projects that otherwise may stall. Our full-service engineering and design capabilities are enhanced by our unique skills in data salvaging, safety compliance auditing, public works/railroad liaison, asset management, FRA compliance, GPS/GIS/Specialty Mapping, emergency services, industrial clearances, and land management.

For more information regarding Railroad Surveying please contact:

Mick O'Neil, PE, SE, LEED AP, (Peoria) via email at moneil@f-w.com or

Charlie Tucker (Denver) via email at ctucker@f-w.com.

  • Railroad Boundary Surveys, Retracements & Corridor Establishment

  • Abandoned Line Surveys, Data Recovery & Records Research

  • Track Design, Layout & Construction Plus FRA Qualified Inspection

  • Railroad Bridge and Structure, Design and FRA Qualified Inspection

  • Railroad Utility & Drainage Permitting, Review and Consultant Guidance

  • Road Crossing & Grade Separation Permitting & Liaison Services

  • Geodetic Surveying, GPS Surveying, GIS Mapping, & PTC Signal System Survey Assistance

  • Topographic Surveying, Hydraulic & Drainage Surveying

  • Government Agency Compliance Documentation & Planning

  • Shops & Facilities Design & Commissioning

  • Accident/Forensic Surveys & Document/Evidence Recovery