Retro and Re-Commissioning (RCx)

Farnsworth Group views a building as a living ecosystem, where all its systems and components work together to create a successful environment for its occupants. Over time, however, buildings age and systems degrade, and the facility is no longer operating at peak efficiency.

Farnsworth Group's retro and re-commissioning (RCx) process has revitalized buildings, bringing them back to operational efficiency. Farnsworth Group's retro- an re-commissioning can produce significant energy and cost savings in existing buildings to make that facility operate the way it was originally intended. Owners use our services for one reason: our impartial, subjective approach. The benefits from retro- and re-commissioning affect everyone. For owners, RCx means increased profitability by reducing operating expenses, increasing net operating income (NOI), and optimizing a building's appraised value. Building managers have fewer comfort complaints, fewer maintenance issues, and an enhanced ability to manage systems. Maintenance staff receives training and improved documentation to ensure the RCx recommendations are continuously maintained.

For more information regarding Retro and Re-Commissioning, please contact:

Tim Kiefer, PE, via email at

  • Improved system performance

  • Energy savings and optimal efficiency

  • Increased occupant comfort, safety, productivity

  • Reduced O&M calls

  • Extended equipment life

  • Increased O&M training