Structural Engineering

Timeless structures must be safe, sound, and durable. Enduring structures are the result of clear thinking and technically sound design decisions. Using today's sophisticated computer analysis and design software, Farnsworth Group can develop your structural designs, from the most simple to the most complex, quickly and economically.

We work with owners, architects, and other engineers to determine not only the structural requirements, but also the aesthetic and functional desires of the owner. Whether it’s a vehicle or railroad bridge, a manufacturing plant, an office building, hospital or high rise, Farnsworth Group’s structural engineers will use their knowledge, combined with the latest design and analysis software, to provide structural services to meet all of your requirements, possibly including some you didn’t even know you had.

For more information regarding Structural Engineering, please contact the following Structural Engineering Managers:

For Building Structures, contact:

Mick O'Neil, SE, PE, LEED AP via email at

For Bridge and Environmental Structures, contact:

Joe Lowrance, SE, PE, via email at

For Industrial Structures, contact:

Mick O’Neil, SE, PE, LEED AP via email at

  • New structures

  • Renovation of existing structures

  • Bridges

  • Repair of damaged structures

  • Forensic Engineering

  • Foundations

  • Retaining walls

  • Machine/tank foundations

  • Crane supports

  • Structural Analysis