Sustainable Design

At Farnsworth Group, our grassroots are green! We've been providing sustainable design before the term 'green' meant anything other than a color. Having made a commitment to providing safe and effective water systems since the early 1900s, our company's roots are steeped in sustainability and protecting our natural resources.

Today, we're continuing that tradition and have become a national leader in sustainable design. As stewards of our environment, we approach each and every project with sustainability in mind. Whether it's LEED certification, tapping into renewable energy sources, or greening an existing building, Farnsworth's staff help clients navigate through the various opportunities that make the most sense to achieve their goals. We don't view sustainability as simply an architectural mission. Farnsworth Group has more than 60 LEED Accredited Professionals covering each of our primary disciplines. In addition, we helped write the book on sustainable design, with members of our team involved in crafting commissioning and LEED guidelines for the U.S. Green Building Council.

Farnsworth Group has designed sustainable buildings that have earned all levels of LEED certification, provided engineering services on some of the largest wind farms in the country, developed green master plans for entire communities and revitalized blighted neighborhoods through new urbanism techniques. Our team is passionate about sustainability, developing solutions that help your business and our environment.

For more information regarding Sustainable Design, please contact:

Dan Gavin AIA, LEED AP, via email at