Transportation Engineering

Farnsworth Group engineers provide planning, design, and construction services for highways, city streets, secondary roads, and internal roadway networks for public agencies and private clients. Our team of transportation professionals, including three Professional Traffic Operations Engineers, enjoys an outstanding reputation with our clients, including county, municipal and state transportation agencies. We believe that good communication coupled with solid research and a broad range of experience leads to cost-effective design solutions that work.

Structural components of transportation projects include planning and design of bridges, box culverts, retaining walls, and foundations. In addition, structural investigations and structural system selection damage repair and renovation of existing structures are also offered.

For more information regarding Transportation Engineering, please contact:

Transportation Director Don Rutledge, PE, via email at

  • Feasibility studies

  • Location and design studies

  • Environmental impact statements

  • Traffic analysis and projections

  • Capacity studies, accident review & geometric design

  • Parking analysis, planning and design

  • Drainage studies and plans

  • Construction observation and administration

  • Traffic signal analysis and design

  • Expert witness testimony

  • Context sensitive solution

  • Bridge condition reports

  • Drainage studies and plans

  • Type, size, and location studies

  • Structural system selection

  • Structural investigations/evaluations

  • Repair of damaged structures

  • Renovation of existing structures

  • Design of bridges, retaining walls, foundations

  • Structural contract plans and specifications

  • Construction observation and administration

  • Expert witness testimony